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About + FAQ

Amy Taylor is a natural dyer and textile artist living and working in Chicago. She creates exquisite textiles using only natural dye materials such as plants, insects, and mineral salts. With a passion for eco-friendly materials and ethical fashion, Amy’s work focuses on fabric and form to create high quality, one-of-a-kind garments to make her customers feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.


Are my items returnable?

Due to the wearable nature of the undergarments, all purchases are non-refundable. If there are any issues, please contact

When will my order ship out?

Your undergarments will ship within a few days of your order. We manually process every order from Amy's studio in Chicago using USPS Priority Mail.

How do I wash my underwear?

All undergarments are safe to machine wash and dry. To prolong the life of your textiles, we recommend washing cold on the delicate cycle with a gentle detergent.

Why doesn't my underwear look exactly like the picture?

Each garment we produce is unique and may vary slightly in color and pattern. We strive to achieve color consistency and reliability, though due to the essence of natural dyes, some irregularities may occur. We see this as an enhancement and a cherished characteristic of working with natural materials.